GamblingCompliance: German Ministers May Move To Break Gambling Logjam, Officials Say

By David Altaner, Gambling Compliance

German ministers could act as soon as March to extend the “tolerance” of online sports betting past the June 30 deadline, the first step towards implementing a more permanent gambling law in 2021, government officials have said.

German state prime ministers could take the first step this year towards resolving online gambling turmoil by extending a moratorium on prosecuting online gambling past the end of June, according to Clemens Hoch, head of the State Chancellery of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

“It’s a good bet the länder will find a solution,” he told the audience at the International Casino Conference at ICE on Monday.

The 16 German states, or länder, have been unable to implement a state treaty on gambling due to lawsuits and one state, Schleswig-Holstein, refusing to grant the necessary unanimous approval.

Despite its grey-market status, Germany’s online gambling market is the second biggest in European, according to Patrick Sensburg, a member of parliament.

Although not sanctioned, online gambling has been growing, whereas state lotteries have been stagnant or declining, the officials said.

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Source: Gambling Compliance