Christian Reidel | Salary Partner*

Christian Reidel studied law at the University of Passau until 2008, specialising in corporate, capital market and tax law. After completing his legal traineeship, which included periods in New York, he initially worked as a lawyer for one of the "Big Four" in the Mergers & Acquisitions Tax department in Munich before taking over a position as a government councillor in the fiscal department of the State Office of Finance in Ansbach. After working as a public prosecutor, he was appointed judge for life and then worked as a civil and criminal judge at the district court. In addition, he held the office of stand-by and investigating judge at the district court and was joint data protection officer for the regional court district of Landshut. Furthermore, he worked for many years as a lecturer at the Bavarian Civil Service University and held lectures on administrative law and administrative procedural law, among other things.

*non-equity partner
+49 89 389975-50
ExpertiseGeneral Administrative Law
Data Protection Law
Criminal Law (White Collar)