In the area of “skill & social gaming”, we advise our clients in all areas of digital gaming law - from classical browser games, games of skill in general and manager games in particular (fantasy sports), right up to the models binary slots and options.

Specifically, our range of activities includes:

  • Legal classification of football manager games (fantasy sports)
  • Consultancy services relating to gaming apps, social games and “Freemium” models
  • Consultancy services relating to binary slots and options
  • Differentiation between games of chance and games of skill, and legal evaluation of “mixed” games with elements of chance and elements of skill
  • Fee-based gaming events with prize-winning opportunities
  • Consultancy services relating to trade, gaming and telemedia law
Fantasy sports

Fantasy sports have become very popular in the USA and in Great Britain. In Germany, this new form of games of skill, often referred to as football manager games, has also entered the market. In contrast to sports bets, participants in fantasy sports games can actively set up their teams and analyse statistical data, rather than merely betting on the outcome of a sports event.

We advise our clients in the context of the establishment and legal safeguarding of this new field of business, and are at their side to support them together with media partners.

Furthermore, we advise you in the context of special problems, such as how to use bots and how to deal with fee-based virtual goods and their re-sale. Finally, we will evaluate planned advertising measures with regard to their admissibility.

Other games of skill and browser games

We will analyse your business model and always differentiate between games of skill and games of chance.


Binary options and slots

Trading in binary options has become increasingly popular. We will advise you regarding the legal classification of binary options and slots, in contrast to games of chance as well as regarding the classification of the resulting profits under aspects of tax law.

Your Team:

Dr. Wulf Hambach


Dr. Stefan Bolay

Salary Partner

Dr. Stefanie R. Fuchs

Senior Associate

Maximilian Kienzerle