The range of our services covers consultancy and representation in the areas of trademark law, competition law, copyright and media law as well as data protection, internet and domain law. Our law firm represents renowned international corporations as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups.

Trademarks and domains

Trademarks and domains are among the most valuable assets a company has. We offer our client consultation and support in the context of the establishment and expansion of their trademark and domain portfolio, and defend their trademarks and domains in opposition and cancellation proceedings.
Specifically, we support our clients in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive advice on the planned trademark, including securing of the trademark rights
  • Research regarding existing trademark rights, name rights or other identification rights
  • Risk analysis regarding potential registration oppositions, cancellation applications and warning letters
  • Registration applications for national trademarks (DPMA), Community trademarks (HABM) and IR trademarks (WIPO).
  • Assessment of cases of collisions of an existing trademark and identifications used by third parties
  • Enforcement of rights through the preparation of warning letters to the infringing party
  • Preparation of trademark license agreements.

Typical industries we advise: media companies, publishers, advertising agencies, TC companies, start-ups, online game providers, financial services providers.

Information technology law

Information technology law (IT law) relates to all legal issues associated with electronic commercial transactions and electronic data processing. It is not a clearly defined area of law, but rather an interdisciplinary field characterised by numerous statutes from various fields of law. Due to the technical changes in the area of the internet and new media, it is a rapidly developing field of law in which we want to support our clients.

For instance, we prepare licensing and usage contracts for apps, games, websites and software for our clients.
Specifically, our contract services include:

  • Preparation of software development and software licensing agreements
  • Preparation of outsourcing contracts
  • Preparation of service level agreements
  • Preparation of licensing and usage agreements for apps, games and websites

Typical industries we advise: TC companies, start-ups, online game developers, financial service providers.

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