DVTM Press Release: ‘Bettertainment‘-Panel at the ICE in London

German politicians informed themselves about efficient solutions for gambling regulation on site

  • After the failure of the State Treaty on Gaming: DVTM expert panel points the way out of the deadlock
  • Legal Bettertainment markets lead to a win-win situation for business, politics as well as consumers and serve addiction prevention

London-Bonn, 05th of February 2019

The world’s largest fair of the gambling industry (ICE) takes place annually in London. Trade visitors from all over the world inform themselves about current developments in the sectors of online gambling, betting, bingo, casino, lottery, etc at ICE. There was a premiere this year since member of the German Parliament, Professor Dr. Patrick Sensburg (CDU), the state secretary and head of the state chancellery of Rhineland-Palatinate, Clemens Hoch (SPD), the chairman of the DVTM board Renatus Zilles as well as the DVTM chairman Dr. Wulf Hambach had a top-class panel discussion in front of the world’s most renowned regulator. Topic: the right strategy for a major gambling reform within the framework of the 3rd German State Treaty on Gambling.

Afterwards two top-class German politicians exchanged their views with Shelley White, CEO of The Responsible Gambling Council of Canada and Stella Dalton, Social Responsibility / Regulatory Affairs at RGA – The Remote Gambling Association about how a reform in the German Bettertainment market could look like, also considering the competitive and EU-compliant framework conditions as well as innovative and socially acceptable solutions. 

Sensburg: The state loses high tax revenues

Sensburg called for a rapid and fundamental reform of the gambling market in Germany: ‘I regret that this has not been successful in recent years. The imminent withdrawal of the UK from the EU will lead to Germany being the largest ‘Bettertainment’* market. As a nation, we cannot afford this market to remain unregulated and should set an example in Europe. Revenues from state lotteries have been declining steadily for years. More and more people are playing in the unregulated market instead. The legal chaos and the lack of a comprehensive regulation endanger gambling addiction prevention. In addition, the German state loses high tax revenues, which we cannot afford due to the urgent need to invest in the future of our country. The aim of regulation is to ensure efficient youth, consumer and data protection, to generate tax revenues and to separate reputable providers from dubious ones.’ 

Hoch: State faces a protective mandate as well as social responsibility

‘Nowadays, digitalization is pervades almost all areas of life. Digitalization is primarily a technical upheaval that also brings with it many advantages,’ adds Hoch. ‘The federal states are obliged to introduce a modern and legally compliant solution for gambling regulation that takes these new challenges and possibilities into account. The creation of legal markets has the advantage of better combating negative side effects such as the emergence of gambling and betting addiction. The state has a social responsibility and must fulfil its protective mandate through fundamental regulation. We must face up to reality, even if not everyone likes it: markets that have actually emerged must be regulated. Otherwise we find ourselves in the legal grey area.’

Zilles: British charity Gamble Aware could serve as role model

Chairman of the board of DVTM Renatus Zilles was highly satisfied with the course of the panel and the direct impressions of the ICE: ‘It should not to be taken for granted that a member of the Bundestag and the head of a state chancellery, who belong to two different parties, take the trouble and the time to inform themselves as well as discuss here in London. The positive impressions of the ICE will certainly also influence the political discussion in the future. In any case, the DVTM will continue to advance the topic and work on a constructive solution that business and politics must find together. The strengthening of the prevention for the treatment of potential gambling addiction could take place for example by a fund modelled after the British charity organization Gamble Aware. Both the state and private providers are involved in this issue. We must ensure that a convergent solution is finally found and that all games of chance established in the market as well as those in-demand are regulated. In my opinion, the federal government could make use of its regulatory powers if the federal states do not find a regulation in the near future that forms the basis for an efficient and sustainable youth, consumer and data protection’.



*”Bettertainment” includes in particular: Sports betting, poker & casino and online lotteries

At the same time, it also stands for a ‘convergence strategy’ along the entire value chain with the aim of achieving overall economic benefit.

The Deutsche Verband für Telekommunikation und Medien e.V. (DVTM) is the central interface and indispensable expert of the companies involved in the telecommunications, media, energy and ‘Bettertainment’ value chain. These include national and pan-European service, network and internet providers, resellers, technical service providers, media and publishing houses, as well as consulting and debt collection companies. The aim of the association is to create a future-oriented, innovative and competitive telecommunications and media market in accordance with consumers, politics and business.

The approximately 40 members of the association act voluntarily within the framework of the German Code of Conduct for Telecommunications, Media, Energy and ‘Bettertainment’. The Code Commission, which is accompanied by a prominent advisory board, formulates recognized industry standards and enables the association to actively participate in shaping the market, thereby strengthening the principle of self-regulation. The DVTM emerged from the Fachverband Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Telefonmehrwertdienste (FST), which was founded in 1997. In February 2011 it was renamed DVTM.

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