WOGLR: Confused: the state of online gambling in Germany

By Dr. Wulf Hambach and Maximilian Riege, Hambach & Hambach, published in World Online Gambling Law Report – August 2012

The German online gaming market is in a state of transition following the newly elected coalition government in Schleswig-Holstein and the recently enacted Interstate Treaty. The situation in Germany is far from clear in regards to online gambling as Dr. Wulf Hambach and Maximilian Riege, of Hambach & Hambach law firm explain.

There are two coexisting, but different regulatory regimes in Germany: the Gaming Reform Act (GRA) from Germany’s northern state, Schleswig-Holstein and the new Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ITG). Recent drafts, acts and directives demonstrate that gambling operators have to be open to new developments in the German market.


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