iGamingBusiness: No changes to German State Treaty following EC criticism

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The state of Nordrhein-Westfalen claims criticism of the third amended State Treaty on Gambling by the European Commission will not lead to any major changes to the wording of the legislation.

Earlier this week it emerged that EC general director Lowri Evans had cast doubt as to how effective the Treaty would be in channeling operators and players into the legal market.

Evans in particular took issue with the short duration of licences, which are due to be awarded early in 2020 and in effect until 30 June 2021, after which a new regulatory framework is expected to be implemented.

This was written in a so-called ‘blue letter’, a formal notice that acts as a precursor to the launch of infringement proceedings against a European Union member state.

However a spokesperson for the State Chancellery of Nordrhein-Westphalen said Evans’ letter “contains nothing that might lead to any changes being made to the wording of the 3rd State Treaty on Gambling”.


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