GamblingCompliance: Germany Loophole Creates US-Style Fantasy Sports Climate

By Daniel Macadam, published on GamblingCompliance

Whereas betting operators believe daily fantasy sports will struggle to replicate US success in the UK and other established markets, Germany’s regulatory shortfalls may make it a more accessible target.
Betting executives are sceptical about the European appeal of daily fantasy sports, which has thrived in the US thanks to its carve-out from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and the absence of
regulated sports betting.
Of the large European markets, only Germany has failed to license and regulate sports betting, due to ongoing court disputes three years after the passage of legislation.
It is this chaotic licensing situation, plus a loophole in Germany’s Interstate Treaty on gambling, which makes the country an ideal market for fantasy sports, according to Wulf Hambach, a partner at
Hambach and Hambach law firm in Munich.
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