WOGLR: The EC’s recommendations on consumer protection

Published by Dr. Wulf Hambach and Dr. Alan Littler in World Online Gambling Law Report (WOGLR) issue January 2015 p. 12

The European Commission (the ‘EC’) released recommendations regarding consumer protection in the online gambling industry in July 2014 – a measure that is very distinct from its powers to regulate competition in the European market through the commencement of infringement proceedings against Member States. In this article, two leading experts in gaming law – Dr Wulf Hambach (founding partner at German law firm Hambach & Hambach) and Dr Alan Littler (prominent gaming lawyer at Dutch firm Kalff Katz & Franssen Attorneys) – team up to discuss their views on the impact that this new measure can have, in particular at a national level, as well as some of the resistance coming out of Germany.


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