Germany´s Online Gaming Market 2013 – Welcome to the (license) jungle!

By Dr. Wulf Hambach, published as whitepaper for WrB Germany 2013

Germany’s gambling regulation remains torn. Although the former maverick state Schleswig-Holstein officially joined the regime of the Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ITG) of the other 15 states at the beginning of 2013, this much more liberal Gaming Reform Act (GRA) has to remain applicable to regulate and supervise gambling license holders in Schleswig-Holstein. Nearly 50 gambling licenses for online sports betting, online casinos and online poker, each valid for 6 years, were granted by the Ministry of Interior in Kiel before the GRA (Danish model) was (partially) withdrawn to join the ITG. The 20 sports betting licenses which can be issued based on the ITG remain in the box as the Administrative court of Wiesbaden decided against the fairness of ITG tender procedure. To identify the lucky 20 ones from 143 license application seems to be a mission impossible so far.


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